Whether planned or in an emergency a cesarean section has saved the lives of millions of mothers and babies since it was first introduced in the 1880′s in Germany.

So many women now give birth this way that it is important to give some consideration to your recovery after c section.

If all goes well you can start to become more active very soon albeit with some minor adjustments and other considerations.

When a c section is performed under emergency situations, the risk of surgery may be increased because of several factors associated with it, such as poor health and poor prognosis. Other usual risks include severe blood loss and post spinal headaches.

If you carefully monitor the wound afterwards you can help to ensure a full and rapid recovery after C-section through quick healing and repair and avoid any complications.


Throughout a usual C Section operation the stomach muscles don’t actually get affected and as such their recovery from c section is absolutely the same as for a vaginal birth.

You will usually feel a tightness or numbness around the area, but this is quite normal. You’ll also have less sensation over the scar because of the loss of feeling in the nerves of the skin. But don’t worry, this gets better over time and the muscles underneath won’t have been cut under a trouble free operation.

Following a program of pregnancy specific exercises during your recovery after c section will help to speed the recovery process up and return strength to the area.

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