A cesarian section is a surgical operation that has been developed to deliver a baby or babies by making one or several incisions in the abdomen (laparotomy) and uterus (hysterectomy) of the mother. A cesarian section in some rare cases is done to remove a fetus that does not manifest any life signs from the mother’s womb.

Originally the procedure was purely used on dsitressed mothers or babies in circumstances where a natural birth was no longer safe or possibel for any number of reasons. These days however many hospitals are steering mothers towards this options as it is a quicker and more controlled environment for giving birth.

An upward trend in delivery by cesarian section has been found by the US Centers for Disease Control

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These days c section scars are usually quite unobtrusive and after a few months will barely be noticeable. They’ll be just a few inches long, fading to a light silvery white and positioned normally just along the bikini line.

Going through another pregnancy after c section surgery generally won’t cause too many problems if a reasonable time has elapsed between the operation and pregnancy. 12 to 18 months is a good time frame to allow as at this point your body will have fully recovered from from the c section surgery.

When you are ever in any concern regarding just about any c-section complications you might be encountering, especially regarding your c section scar then it is vital that you instantly get hold of your health care professional or doctor.

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The 2 main considerations you should have after having a c section is firstly that the rectus abdominus muscles realign as quickly as possible and that the incision is able to recover fully without constantly being pulled apart. This is key to the full and affective recovery after c section that will leave you with the smallest scar possible and a flat and toned tummy afterwards.

Exercise after c section is crucial to this recovery process, but you must exercise caution and restraint if you’re a keen fitness enthusiast and certainly start off at a much lower level initially. Once you become comfortable in terms of the pain you feel and you can feel no tearing or pulling apart of the scar then you may be able to increase what you do slowly.

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Recovering from c section can be a real challenge to some mothers. It’s hard because you really want to focus purely on your new baby, but you really do need to consider your own welfare too. In fact without your health you won’t be the best mom possible, so give your own well being serious consideration too.

You ‘ll need to eat a proper diet. Nutritious food is always good to make the wound heal faster. Its nutrients will be beneficial to contribute to the healing process while giving the body the nourishment it needs.

Try to limit the amounts of junk and fast food products you eat or if possible avoid eating them entirely. It won’t just make the scar heal faster but will also help you to shed any pregnancy weight you have stored.

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Whether planned or in an emergency a cesarean section has saved the lives of millions of mothers and babies since it was first introduced in the 1880′s in Germany.

So many women now give birth this way that it is important to give some consideration to your recovery after c section.

If all goes well you can start to become more active and begin breastfeeding after c section very soon albeit with some minor adjustments and other considerations.

Days after giving birth, doctors may give mothers antibiotics to avoid uterine infection from the C Section and painkillers from incision pains. Most painkillers and antibiotics prescribed to mothers are made to be non-harmful for babies so you won’t have to worry if the drugs might affect your child. Breastfeeding after C section is also the best way to bond with your baby

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Throughout a usual C Section operation the stomach muscles don’t actually get affected and as such their recovery from c section is absolutely the same as for a vaginal birth.

You will usually feel a tightness or numbness around the area, but this is quite normal. You’ll also have less sensation over the scar because of the loss of feeling in the nerves of the skin. But don’t worry, this gets better over time and the muscles underneath won’t have been cut under a trouble free operation.

Following a program of pregnancy specific exercises during your recovery after c section will help to speed the recovery process up and return strength to the area.

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If you’re going to give birth by c section, then unfortunately there will be a scar. The very nature of the operation means that the skin and underlying tissues will need to be cut and then repaired and stitched together.

The extend to which your c section scar is noticeable will depend on the type of incision made, your health and the care and attention you give to the area after the operation.

A c section is a very standardised operation these days, but occasionally things can go wrong.

If you get through with no complications or unexpected surprises you can expect…

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If you’re pregnant chances are you’ve given some thought to the birth and what might happen during it.

Hopefully all will go smoothly and you will deliver naturally, but if you or the baby experience any problems then it might be something you need to have done – a c section incision.

Don’t worry though, it is a very safe and everyday operation nowadays and the damage done to you in terms of the c section incision is as minimal as can possibly be.

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You may know all about cesarean section births if you’re pregnant at the moment, but if not you need to read all about the c-section procedure right here.

It’s good if you understand all the stages of the procedure before you go in to hospital, this way you’ll find the whole process less stressful if you do in fact have the operation. This way it won’t be something that you dread and worry about. Ok you might still not look forward to the situation but at least you know what to expect.

If you are electing to have the operation, then you definitely need to know all the facts.

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You may have thought that after giving birth by cesaerean section, your c-section recovery would be plain sailing, but unfortunately this might not always be the case.

This website is all about ways you can help your c-section recovery run smoothly and quickly.

When you have a new baby the last thing you want is to be immobile and unable to care for the basic needs of your new baby. But do the wrong things now and you could easily be making things much harder for yourself.

Worry not, you’ll find all you need to know about c-section recovery here on this website.

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