The 2 main considerations you should have after having a c section is firstly that the rectus abdominus muscles realign as quickly as possible and that the incision is able to recover fully without constantly being pulled apart. This is key to the full and affective recovery after c section that will leave you with the smallest scar possible and a flat and toned tummy afterwards.

Exercise after c section is crucial to this recovery process, but you must exercise caution and restraint if you’re a keen fitness enthusiast and certainly start off at a much lower level initially. Once you become comfortable in terms of the pain you feel and you can feel no tearing or pulling apart of the scar then you may be able to increase what you do slowly.

Here’s a great article that I’ve just added all about exercise after c section that you should go and read now if you have the chance – exercise after c section. But if you’re ever in any doubt in any way you should speak with your doctor.


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