Recovery From C Section


Throughout a usual C Section operation the stomach muscles don’t actually get affected and as such their recovery from c section is absolutely the same as for a vaginal birth.

It’s quite natural to feel a numbness and a lack of feeling on the incision area, this is because of the loss of feeling in the nerves of the skin, as opposed to the muscles underneath which haven’t been affected and should respond normally to specialized post pregnancy exercise.

A usual c section is called a lower segment section where a cut of roughly 6 inches is performed in a horizontal just higher than the pubic bone (just over the bikini line).

During your recovery from c section your incision may look very inflamed.

but over the coming months ought to become paler to a less visible shade of pink. In time the scar will almost disappear entirely, but might permanently look somewhat lighter in colour than the surrounding skin.

Your recovery will feel more comfortable if you choose over-sized underwear so the waistband won’t rest on the scar. 

You will still have to use sanitary pads after having a c section because you’ll still have bleeding from the uterus as for a natural birth.

Support your tummy with your hands or anything soft when you laugh or cough and make sure to get good pain relief from your midwife or doctor.

During your recovery from c section watch out for your scar to notice any alterations in colour or shape which may be a sign of infection.

Your recovery from c section must also include pelvic floor exercises, though not having being stretched from a vaginal birth, they have still been affected by the effects of the hormone, relaxin, which helps to improve elasticity in the area.

Also realise that the pelvic floor has supported the growing baby for the whole pregnancy and the increased pressure placed upon it means it’s very important to strengthen the area.

Don’t hurry your recovery after your c section. Move around the home leisurely but often, avoid stairs as much as feasible.  Use cushions to support you when sitting and sleeping.  If you suffer from wind or bloating, try rocking gently in a chair and steer clear of drinking fizzy or cold drinks.

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