Recovering From C Section


Doing It Right! Recovering From C Section Made Easy

For most moms, the idea of normal childbirth or normal delivery is like a prize to be desired.  In fact, most mothers prefer a spontaneous vaginal delivery over the costly and painful c section operation.

But not all dreams as they say can come true. So for those who cannot delivery naturally, a c section is really necessary.

But you must not worry, because recovering from c section is not as horrible as you imagined it to be.  Just relax and follow these important reminders that will surely make your recovering from c section safe and breezy.

Recovering from c section is composed of both physical and emotional recovery…

Right after the operation while the anesthesia is still working, the pain from your incision is expected to be lesser.  But should the anesthesia wear off, your physician is expected to give you systematic pain medication.  This usually comes in narcotic pills that may also contain acetaminophen and ibuprofen. This will lessen the pain that you are feeling without making you feel groggy and nauseated. This medication can be given to you every three to four hours. You might also opt to use a “patient controlled analgesia” wherein you’ll only need to push a button to feed medication through your IV. No need to fear overdose, for this machine can already control doses keeping it in the safe level. This can continue up to three to four days until such time that you can already be allowed to go home.

But recovering from c section does not end only in the hospital.  You must still follow certain precautionary measures at home.

Once discharged from the hospital, you will no longer be under the professional care of your physician or nurse.  It would be best to ask the help of your husband or partner or even your parents to assist you in your everyday activities.

Exerting physical effort and engaging in too much activities must be discouraged at all cost as it may cause your wound to open up again and bleed.  If there is no family member who can assist you, hiring help or a private nurse should be considered.  This does not mean however that you should stay in bed all the time.

Experts advise that while recovering from c section, patients like you must also gradually resume physical activities. You can start with short walks and later on low impact exercises.

But ultimately, recovering from c section should also address your emotional state.  You should learn to accept your scar and your limitations as a mother who has undergone c section.

Try talking to mothers who like you are also recovering from c section.  Explore a new hobby that you can easily do while recovering.  This way, you can feel relaxed and at peace with your new situation.  Remember, not being able to deliver your baby naturally does not make you less of a mother. For always, recovering from c section requires more courage than recovering from normal delivery.

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