Pregnancy After C Section


A woman’s body and emotions are both fragile during pregnancy, and especially after childbirth. This is also true after a caesarean section. Your body is subjected to brutal changes from pregnancy to giving birth. That’s why your body needs time to go back to normal again, before thinking of going through another pregnancy after c section.

It is normal to feel a longing for another child, most especially for some who have lost a child while giving birth. Despite the desire, you have to consider your condition, consider what is safe for you, and also what is safe to the new baby.

Your body needs time to heal, to get back to its normal health and be strong enough for another major event such as giving birth.

Pregnancy after c section may post harm for you and your baby, if not timed right.

A normal delivery wreaks havoc to the body. There are physical, hormonal and biological changes. The body accommodates the baby for nine months, and immediately after childbirth, the hormones responsible for nurturing the baby need time to stabilize again. There is also blood loss during delivery.

 With a C section, the body loses twice the amount of blood as normal deliveries do. This may cause iron deficiency. This is another reason why pregnancy after c section is discouraged, if it happens immediately after. Iron is an essential mineral to help in baby’s health and  development in the first trimester of pregnancy.

How soon can the next pregnancy after c section be?

Usually, the doctors would advise to wait for a year or two to go through the next pregnancy after c section. It is better to let your scar heal longer most especially if you want to give a normal vaginal birth this time. The least amount of waiting time before conceiving again,  is six months. This gives your body time to heal. Some doctors are more conservative and advise their patients to wait at least a year. This also gives the uterus time to heal and go back to normal. Pregnancy after C section is possible, of course, but more time is needed.

What are the risks of getting pregnant right after a c section?

Having multiple pregnancies in a short period of time may result to two potential risks. When we say short period of time, it can be getting pregnant after three to nine months after a caesarean section. Because you may develop iron deficiency, your baby may have a high risk of being pre-mature. There is also a high risk of uterine rupture if you conceive within six months after c section.

Just in case you do get pregnant right after a C section, do not panic. There are a number of pregnancies four months after c section, but still they give birth to normal and healthy babies.

Your doctor can give you tips on how to proceed with this pregnancy after C section.

Remember to heed his advice!

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