Planned C Section


Why Would Anyone Opt For A Planned C Section?

There are many reasons why some women decide to have a planned c section or elective c section as it is otherwise known. The procedure is exactly the same although there is likely to be less panic in the room as generally a c section is still chosen in emergency situations only.

In fact this was the reason why Dr Ferdinand Adolf Kehrer from Germany populized the transverse incision technique back in 1881. Although there is evidence to suggest that some kinds of c section procedure were carried out much earlier than this perhaps dating back to roman times, although there was such a high mortality rate that it was only performed in extreme cases or if the mother was already dead.

At first its main purpose was to provide an alternative method of removing a baby from the mother’s womb and would only be used if it was considered that either the mother or baby’s life was at risk.

How many lives has this operation saved throughout the years, probably millions?

Yet these days a c section can be planned and arranged for a certain time and day (obviously around the expected due date) which makes the whole aspect of giving birth a far more organised and almost less natural occurrence.

So it seems that nowadays even giving birth, one of the most natural processes in the universe can also be pre conceived and manipulated to suit our very fast paced lifestyle.

  • In fact recent figures suggest that in countries such as china, the rate of caesarean sections is around 46% and growing.
  • Here are the most common reasons why some women choose to have a planned c section…
  • They have had a c section birth previously and it is considered the safest thing to have another.
  • The mother is too anxious about having a natural birth
  • The mother is concerned about the amount of pain she may suffer
  • She is concerned about the effects a natural birth will have on her vagina, size and tone etc.
  • To fit in a tight schedule, for example work or holidays.
  • For other medical reasons such as very high blood pressure, uterine rupture, very large baby, placental problems or other such complications.
  • The pregnancy has gone much further than the expected due date.

As you can see there are many possible reasons for deciding to have a planned c section, both social and medical. It is probably the most predictable and reliable way of giving birth, but even this way there are risks as with all types of surgery. This one ranks as high risk major abdominal surgery, so it’s probably not always best to opt for it without giving it some serious thought first.

One more consideration is the cost of having an elective c section which is far higher than having a natural birth which may lead some doctors to recommending this option too readily in an attempt to force up costs for the patients.

Whichever way we look at it, the caesarean rate is on the increase, who’s to say that in another 100 years the majority of births will be performed by planned c section?

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