Exercise After C Section


Should you exercise after c section surgery?

What should you do?

How long after the operation should you wait?

These are all questions that you’ll find the answers to throughout the course of this article.

First of all should you exercise after c section surgery? Yes is the short and sweet answer. But not necessarily the way you think. It is very important to stay active as this speeds up the healing process, helps to prevent blood clots and boosts pregnancy fat loss.

What Should You Do?

The key here though is to do only specific movements that are safe to do straight after surgery. In bed for example you want to start moving your legs in some way to improve circulation and a great way of doing this is by doing ankle circles or leg bends every hour or so. Just make sure whatever you do that you can’t feel any pulling or tightness over the incision area as this will already be starting to knit together.

As soon as you can, hospital staff will encourage you to begin moving around, pottering about the wards or your room is fine for now. Once you start to recover more fully you can then start to increase the distances you’re able to go for. Try not to walk hunched up if you can although this will be the position you feel most comfortable in at this stage.

Next you can begin by performing some pregnancy specific pelvic tilting exercises. These movements are very gentle but begin to strengthen and tighten the abdominal muscles which have been stretched and pushed over the course of the last nine months. These can be done regularly throughout the day. The more you do them, the quicker your abdominal muscles will realign which means you’ll have a tighter tummy and more support for the lower back and spine.

Finally you must work on your pelvic floor muscles. Even though you haven’t given birth vaginally, you have carried the baby throughout the pregnancy and this extra weight has been bearing down on your pelvic floor muscles and putting pressure on them. So no matter what, they will be much weaker and still need to be strengthened as you would after having a natural birth.

How Long After The Operation Should You Wait?

As soon as you feel up to it you can begin doing these exercises and movements as they take very little time or effort, but can have a very big effect on your recovery as a whole.

Remember you have had what surgeons refer to as ‘major abdominal surgery’ so you will need to allow plenty of time for your recovery. This doesn’t mean doing nothing, in fact quite the opposite in that you’ll want to return to normal everyday life as soon as you can. You should be well on your way to recovery after 6 weeks, but for complete recovery to the deeper tissues, you can expect to wait for around 6 to 12 months.

If you’re keen to lose your pregnancy weight as soon as you can then you’ll want to begin a program of exercise after c section. Start with a progressive walking program and refine and improve your eating habits at the same time.

Here’s a really good website that sells a workout and weight loss plan specifically for new moms who’ve just had a c section, go check it out here – click here now.

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