What Is An Elective C Section


An elective c section is where the operation is prearranged to happen on a certain day and time. As opposed to being an emergency c section where the key priority is to get the baby out as quickly as possible because there has been some sort of complication with the birth.

The mother doesn’t have to go in to labour but the operation is scheduled around the time of the predicted birth.

There are many reasons why an elective c section would be chosen and they range from whether or not the mother has had c sections before, to fit in with any other plans such as holidays, work or social occasions or to get a certain birthday.

The reasons are varied and diverse, but for whatever reason the option is available to new moms. One of the biggest factors may be the fear of the pain and discomfort of delivery which leads a woman to go down this route.

Whatever the decision there are still a number of risks and potential side effects associated with having an elective c section. These are the most common…

Itchy skin – Some women complain of itchy skin straight after a c section, which is a side effect of the drugs given throughout the anaesthetic.

Sickness – Due to the medication used this can yield feelings of sickness and nausea. These feelings should quickly go away over a day or so.

Back Pain – Occasionally you may be aware of pain in the upper back or between the shoulders which is caused by an air pocket in the abdominal cavity at some stage in surgery. This typically only lasts for between 24 – 48 hours.

Your C section scar will be protected by a sterile dressing aster the operation to help protect against infection and you will normally have been given antibiotics. During the first 24 – 48 hours the hospital staff will encourage you to shower and they will then remove your dressing. Gently pat dry the area with a clean towel. But if you can, try leave the wound to dry naturally.

A really clever idea to protect the wound on top of the dressing is to place a sanitary pad fixed to your clothing over the area.

Every woman will respond differently to their c section recovery and it is tough to give an exact time and date when you will have fully recovered.

Generally speaking inside a few days you should be feeling a lot better in yourself and not experiencing as much pain.

It generally takes about four to six weeks for a c-section incision to heal fully. You will almost certainly feel some levels of tiredness and discomfort throughout this time.

However with an elective c section there is much less chance of anything out of the ordinary going wrong simply because it has been planned and scheduled in to the hospitals working day as opposed to being an emergency ‘all hands on deck’ procedure.

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