These days c section scars are usually quite unobtrusive and after a few months will barely be noticeable. They’ll be just a few inches long, fading to a light silvery white and positioned normally just along the bikini line.

Going through another pregnancy after c section surgery generally won’t cause too many problems if a reasonable time has elapsed between the operation and pregnancy. 12 to 18 months is a good time frame to allow as at this point your body will have fully recovered from from the c section surgery.

When you are ever in any concern regarding just about any c-section complications you might be encountering, especially regarding your c section scar thenĀ it is vital that you instantly get hold of your health care professional or doctor.

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If you’re going to give birth by c section, then unfortunately there will be a scar. The very nature of the operation means that the skin and underlying tissues will need to be cut and then repaired and stitched together.

The extend to which your c section scar is noticeable will depend on the type of incision made, your health and the care and attention you give to the area after the operation.

A c section is a very standardised operation these days, but occasionally things can go wrong.

If you get through with no complications or unexpected surprises you can expect…

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