These days c section scars are usually quite unobtrusive and after a few months will barely be noticeable. They’ll be just a few inches long, fading to a light silvery white and positioned normally just along the bikini line.

Going through another pregnancy after c section surgery generally won’t cause too many problems if a reasonable time has elapsed between the operation and pregnancy. 12 to 18 months is a good time frame to allow as at this point your body will have fully recovered from from the c section surgery.

When you are ever in any concern regarding just about any c-section complications you might be encountering, especially regarding your c section scar then it is vital that you instantly get hold of your health care professional or doctor.

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If you’re pregnant chances are you’ve given some thought to the birth and what might happen during it.

Hopefully all will go smoothly and you will deliver naturally, but if you or the baby experience any problems then it might be something you need to have done – a c section incision.

Don’t worry though, it is a very safe and everyday operation nowadays and the damage done to you in terms of the c section incision is as minimal as can possibly be.

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