One of the most important things that women think about after having a baby by c section is staying clean. Childbirth can be a very fulfilling experience but can also be very demeaning and a bit messy.

Bearing in mind too that bleeding can be quite heavy for a few days after surgery, so when is it possible to take a bath after c section?

The best option is to stand or kneel in a bath at first and simply squeeze a wet sponge above the incision area, without any perfumed soap so as not to agitate and irritate the wound, let the water flow down over it and clean the area that way.

If you do need to use soap on the area, non perfumed is the best choice to prevent irritation and infection and pat dry the incision after washing, never rub it. Taking a shower not only makes you feel better during recovery, it also helps wash out excess blood from the placenta.

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