Breastfeeding After C Section


Expecting a baby soon?

Have you ever thought or have decided where and how you are delivering your baby?

Would you consider a C Section or a Natural Delivery? 

A C Section or otherwise known as “Caesarean Section” is a surgical procedure performed when a natural birth or a “vaginal delivery” could put the mother and baby’s life at risk during delivery.

The procedure is performed by making incisions on the birthing mother’s abdomen and uterus to help deliver one or more babies from the mother’s womb. Breastfeeding after C section is totally doable, and the question of how soon, depends on the mother's health.

During the C Section Procedure, most doctors recommend the mother to be awake. Although the incisions would be painful, mothers will be given anesthetics to numb the body from any pain.

Mothers will either be given general anesthesia (whole body), or regional anesthesia (certain body parts). A regional anesthesia would make mothers instantly available for breastfeeding after a C Section, while general anesthesia would mean that mothers have to recover first.

Immediately after giving birth, doctors find it the best time for mothers to start breastfeeding. Because of the anesthetics, mothers feel less pain from nursing and the body feels more relaxed, thus mothers produce more milk during this period. This is also said to be the time when babies have the strongest urge to feed and nurse from their mother.

Benefits of Breastfeeding after C Section are:

1. Faster Weight Loss – Continuous breastfeeding after C Section is a good way to help the mother return to her pre-pregnancy weight. Since mothers have limited mobility from incision pains, blood loss and further intakes of painkillers and antibiotics, breast feeding could be the only source of chance mothers have to lose weight.

2. Faster Uterine Involution – Breastfeeding also stimulates uterine contraction and helps the uterus to shrink fast and efficiently. Although mothers can be given drugs to do this task, breastfeeding after C Section can continue this process naturally.

3. Bonding – Mothers and their babies get to bond together when breastfeeding is initiated. Some mothers also reported that they felt less pain and the pain they felt for the last nine months are all relieved and worth it. Although In some cases when babies are not immediately handed to their mothers for merely holding or breastfeeding, some feel distant or unsure if the baby handed to them is actually theirs. Babies could be unused to breastfeeding and only prefers bottle nipples.

4. Immunizes the baby immediately – New born babies have low antibodies, breastfeeding after C Section builds up the baby’s immune system, passing the mother’s antibodies to her baby from the mother’s milk.

Days after giving birth, doctors may give mothers antibiotics to avoid uterine infection from the C Section and painkillers from incision pains. Most painkillers and antibiotics prescribed to mothers are made to be non-harmful for babies so you won’t have to worry if the drugs might affect your child. Breastfeeding after C section is also the best way to bond with your baby.

Don't forget to take advantage of this wonderful time!

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