When To Take A Bath After C Section


With delivery by Cesarean section becoming quite common, many mothers need all the advice they can get to help them through this more painful and inconvenient method of bringing babies out into the world.

The one question that nags at women who have just given birth is when they will be allowed to bathe. Childbirth, while a very fulfilling experience, can be a bit messy. And with blood shedding expected to be quite heavy the first few days or weeks, the need to clean up becomes more urgent. So when is it advisable to take a bath after C section?

So as not to sow confusion, mothers who are recovering from a C section should remember that taking a shower is not the same as taking a bath. And while doctors will vary in their advice about when to take a bath after C section a shower, at least after 48 hours, may be feasible.

When showering, however, be careful not to direct the water spray to the incision. Instead let the water flow down over it. Soap directly on the wound is all right, but a mild one is preferable to prevent irritation and infection. And pat dry the incision, never rub it. Taking a shower not only makes you feel better during recovery, it also helps wash out excess blood from the placenta.

Taking a bath after C section is normally discouraged until after a few weeks. A bath, unlike a shower, requires sitting in a tub, the body submerged in water, usually hot or warm. And there lies the danger…

First, C section is a surgical procedure and no matter how advanced medical technology is, there is a wound that needs to heal. Mothers need to slow down for a couple of weeks to recover. Caution is necessary before jumping in for a bath after C section because the first danger is slipping. Second is over-exertion that could tear open the wound. So mothers who want to freshen up especially during warm weather should make do with a shower instead of a bath after C section, at least for the first two weeks.

The risk of infection is high for women who have just given birth. Since it is not usual practice to drain and clean tubs after each bath, germs may be left behind that can cause infection. To prevent infection of incisions that may lead to more complications, it is best to take necessary precautions especially when bathing.

On the other hand, the mother could cause contamination by taking a bath after C section, especially when she is still bleeding. The blood shed after giving birth is partly toxic and could harm others also using the bath. Besides, it can be a very unpleasant sight to see even small remnants of blood in the bath area.

Personal hygiene is certainly important for a woman after giving birth. And showers will have to be sufficient until a certain period where it will be safe to take a bath after C section. While soaking in a tub can be very relaxing and boost the spirit, it will have to wait until there is no longer any danger or risk of infection.

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