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During your C Section recovery there are a few things you absolutely need to do here they are…

c section recoveryAttempting to stay mobile and routinely performing pelvic tilting and pelvic floor exercises after pregnancy will really help to accelerate your c section recovery time and permit you to be more active much sooner.

Following a caesarean section delivery, doctors recommend that you need to wait 8 – 10 weeks before doing any formal or more intense exercise, which means you should stick with low-level intensity exercise for example walking and certainly nothing that triggers you pain or discomfort.

Doing traditional abdominal training exercises at this stage post pregnancy can cause a significantly wider separation in the muscles which might resulting in permanent doming.

Doming is a bulge within the abdominal wall which occurs when there is still separation within the rectus muscles after pregnancy when curl ups or sit ups are performed. If doming happens during a curl up the muscles may be pushed further apart and when this is accomplished regularly it will seriously modify the ability of the muscles to realign tightly leaving a rounded tummy.

This is why it is essential that you only do low level pelvic tilting exercises until the muscles have realigned and are stronger.

Never do full sit ups at this time during your c-section recovery

You must protect your scar and the damaged area whenever possible and you ought to be careful whenever moving around or getting up and down from sitting or lying to standing.

GREAT CARE should be provided to certain everyday tasks and activities such as getting out of bed, up off the floor, climbing from the bath and walking down and up stairs etc.

Take your time getting up, roll onto your side for support after which push with your arms to avoid placing extra stress about the weakened back and stomach muscles. ALWAYS AVOID A complete MOVEMENT from lying or sitting to standing until your c-section recovery has reached it’s later stages. Instead break the movement down in to three parts.

The essential element in working your stomach muscles after pregnancy is be to always tilt the pelvis backwards and pull the muscles in tightly throughout the entire exercise.

Pelvic tilting exercises are different to pelvic floor exercises, but could be practiced simultaneously with a little practice.

A C-Section is major abdominal surgery following pregnancy and combined with the fact that there is also a newborn baby to care for helps make your recovery that much harder to get right. It’s vital to complete the right things at this stage if you have any interest in getting back a figure after pregnancy that you’re really proud of.

Do the wrong kind of exercises during your c-section recovery and you may well be left with a rounded tummy throughout the rest of your life
This is a really good site to get some more information about safely exercising after you’ve had your baby – click here to find out more

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